The world of manufacturing is on the edge of a major transition. If you are involved with manufacturing, it is time to take a look around, see what is happening, and prepare for a new paradigm.

A myriad of external drivers will force manufacturers to reassess how to organise their activities, to deliver the best products and services to the customer, control costs, minimise environmental impact, and cooperate with their supply partners more effectively. We can offer you expert advice for manufacturing strategy, based on over 25 years' experience.

New technologies, new materials, additive manufacturing, big data, The Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 are all here now, and changing how we will manufacture, communicate, and deliver sustainable benefits to our customers in the future.

All of this makes it an exciting new world on the verge of significant change. For those who have the desire and capability to take advantage of these disruptions to help manufacturing strategy the future can be bright.

IngPro ltd supports the future leaders of manufacturing to facilitate this planning and transformation. We act as a bridge between the outside world and your business. We bring experienced insight of the global drivers, with powerful, practical, solutions and then work with you to create sustainable competitive advantage. 

If you would like help with manufacturing business strategy, get in touch with us today.


We Can Help You By

  • One to One sessions with the Managing Director / Owner on creating and communicating the business vision.
  • Workshops on strategy development with senior management teams.
  • Training for all employees on strategy deployment and how it affects them.
  • One to One coaching with departmental managers to create realistic, resourced, objectives with measurements and timescales, and helping them communicate with their teams and manage performance.
  • Expert specialist advice for manufacturing strategy based on over 25 years' experience.


Consumers in the central europe market

£150 Billion

In EU funded projects in emerging europe between 2014 and 2020


Increase in automotive production between 2009 and 2014

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