Brexit Business Advice

Brexit contains many unknowns for British business, but also for our international customers. We need to develop strategies that consider the various possible scenarios that may develop and plan to make doing business with us simple for our customers. We can offer you Brexit business advice, based on over 25 years' experience in Europe.

As our international trading status changes because of Brexit, from our customer’s point of view our products and services may suddenly look expensive, have increased lead times & bureaucracy, or cause significant cash to be wrapped up in goods in transit.

In terms of Brexit business advice there are many solutions to mitigating these risks both for ourselves and our customers. These include financial tools, as well as looking at how & where we manufacture and how & where we sell.

We need to create appropriate organizations that make us appear close to our chosen customers and markets that make us easy to do business with. An example may be to have very hi-tech, high productivity, manufacture in the UK, but a service and logistics hub close to the client, or even a final assembly at the client’s base. These types of choices will very much depend on the trade agreements reached, currency effects, and how each company needs to position itself.

Growing an overseas presence can be through establishing a new business, cooperation with customers and suppliers, acquisition, or by engaging with third parties such as agents and distributors.

Central & Eastern Europe, with its proximity to major markets of Western Europe, both within and outside of the EU & the Euro, should be carefully considered as part of a total strategy to mitigate the negative effects of Brexit, make doing business with us simple for our clients and take advantage of new opportunities.

IngPro Ltd are experts in Central & Eastern Europe as well as specialists in manufacturing and sales. We can help you look at scenarios and develop your strategy to mitigate the risks of Brexit and take full advantage of the opportunities it presents.

For help with Brexit business advice, contact us today.

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  • Scenario planning
  • Strategy development
  • Building your presence in Central Europe


Consumers in the central europe market

£150 Billion

In EU funded projects in emerging europe between 2014 and 2020


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