Most organisations periodically go through ‘productivity improvement’ exercises. The reality is that despite numerous claims to having achieved step changes, there is little evidence of improvement where it really matters: - on the bottom line. If we can’t show improved profit or cash flow, then we probably haven’t really changed anything at all.

IngPro Ltd can help you by:

  • With the senior management, examine what opportunities exist to improve productivity. Then choose the long and short-term solutions that will deliver best value improvements and achieve cultural change.
  • With the whole workforce, implement Lean Manufacturing practices. Once we know what we are trying to do as a whole business, we can engage the work force and support them in developing their ideas and best practice to make step changes in waste reduction.
  • With the entire supply chain, from end customer to raw material suppliers, remove costs. Often the cost seen by the end customer is not just about our productivity and cost structure, but an accumulation of waste in the way the whole supply chain operates. As independent external advisers IngPro Ltd can challenge the status quo and bring interested parties together to reduce costs and waste for the whole supply chain and improve value for the customer.


We Can Help You By

  • Identiying targets for productivity improvement
  • Training and mentoring to implement productivity improvement
  • Analysing the whole supply chain to identify waste


Consumers in the central europe market

£150 Billion

In EU funded projects in emerging europe between 2014 and 2020


Increase in automotive production between 2009 and 2014

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