About us

IngPro Ltd is a manufacturing consulting firm led by Paul Sefton, an experienced international Director of engineering companies with extensive experience in the UK, Europe and Asia.

Paul’s expertise lies in profit & cash generation through business strategy, operational performance improvement & sales growth.  He offers this experience through the manufacturing consulting company, IngPro Ltd.

Paul started probably the first British manufacturing company in Czechoslovakia in 1992, and since then has worked extensively through Central & Eastern Europe for more than 25 years starting and building companies, as well as working with a wide range of manufacturers to develop & grow their business in the region.

Central Europe is a large and growing market. It should no longer be viewed just as a lower cost manufacturing source, but as a market to sell to and grow in, with a large, increasingly affluent population, and huge investment funding from the EU.

"I am a determined, tenacious person, with the ability to develop a clear vision and strategy out of apparently complicated situations. I have successfully built, led, and grown a variety of international sales & manufacturing organisations through complex and changing situations. I now use that experience to help clients achieve step changes in their businesses performance and develop their business in Central & Eastern Europe.”

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Consumers in the central europe market

£150 Billion

In EU funded projects in emerging europe between 2014 and 2020


Increase in automotive production between 2009 and 2014

Our Customers

The National Skills Academy
PSM International
MCT ReMan Ltd
European Bank
IMI Critical Engineering
Spring Tide