Where should I set up my business in Central Europe?

One of the most frequent questions I get asked is this: ‘Where should I establish my business in Central Europe?’

The answer, of course, is; it depends on what you are trying to achieve.

Most companies have several objectives. As we have said before, Central Europe is not just about lower cost manufacturing it is also about a large and growing market, close to the UK, ready to buy our products and services.

Central & Eastern Europe is not an homogenous region. Countries in the region vary; politically, socially, economically and in terms of industry and markets. Regions within countries can also vary considerably.

Some countries are in the EU, others are on accession paths to the EU, and some are not even considering EU membership. Slovakia is in the EU and in the Eurozone.

If the strategy is to sell your products into this exciting market, which for many manufacturers it probably should include this objective, then consider where are your potential customers located, and how important are logistics and proximity.

Do you wish to be in the EU, or the Eurozone, or not? There are a lot of implications to these questions that need detailed analysis, and an understanding of the risks and opportunities that each scenario presents.

If you are planning to use Central Europe location as a base for exporting back to Western Europe, especially following BREXIT, then the relationship to the EU and ease of logistics will be key considerations.

We can help you with decisions on manufacturing in Europe

If you are establishing a substantial base, factors such as; skills availability, wage rates, employment law, infrastructure, available facilities, logistics, investment incentives and other factors will be significant.

If you need help with these scenarios and options, contact IngPro Ltd. We are experts in Central Europe and Specialist in Manufacturing. Talk to someone who has experience in manufacturing and selling in the region for more than 25 years. We can help you create and implement a powerful strategy to develop your business in this exciting region.  www.ingpro.co.uk