Digital Manufacturing Diagnostic Tool

Digital Manufacturing offers huge potential to improve productivity, shorten lead times, reduce working capital and improve cash flow. It can also be used to reduce the time-to-market for new products, allow mass customisation of products, improve the customer experience and aftermarket service of your business.

However, many business owners and directors see this as an opportunity for large, global, corporations, but actually even Small Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) can benefit from a range of these new technologies, some of which can be cheaply and easily implemented.

The Digital Manufacturing Playbook for SMEs looks at the current technologies available to manufacturers, where they can be implemented and how you can gain the best Return on Investment (ROI)
Complimenting the Playbook is the Digital Diagnostic Tool for Manufacturing.
The Diagnostic determines where your company is on it’s digital journey, it is quick and simple to use and examines five key, digital, criteria
• Strategy
• Automation
• Connectivity
• Technology &
• Data
The output from the diagnostic gives a simple score, to show where your business is on digital implementation.  A full report gives more detail and shows graphically  a comparison to best practice. 
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